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  • Grav Labs - Gravitron XL
  • Grav Labs - Gravitron XL
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14" Gravitron

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14 inches
  • Grav Labs bong
  • Slide Included
  • Decals Vary
  • clear glass
  • scientific glass
  • thick glass

Grav Labs 14" Gravitron

The Grav Labs 14" Gravitron is the world's first affordable gravity smoking system. You've never made one like this. Widely known as Grav Labs first hit product, the tried and true Gravitron is still one of their hottest selling items over a decade later. The Gravitron is easily the most efficient smoking device ever made. Not a drop of smoke is lost, as it is all contained between the water and inner chamber, unable to leak out! Consume 100% of the smoke. This gravity piece is made from thick and durable scientific glass, so even your clumsy friends can use it without worry. Parts are available, affordable, and easy to replace on the Grav Labs 14" Gravitron. Label color may vary. If one thing is true of the Grav Labs 14" Gravitron, it's that it delivers very potent smoke. The reason being that water is only used to draw smoke into the bottle. This means that the water is not filtering or cooling the smoke in any way. To break things down a little further, it is essential to understand the whole process of using a gravity bong. First, place the bottle into the empty glass cylinder. Once the bottle is in place, fill the cylinder with water until it is about 2 inches from the edge. Next, insert the dry herb bowl into the mouthpiece. The next part requires doing two things simultaneously. As you light the dry herbs, slowly lift the glass bottle. This will draw the smoke into the bottle. Once the smoke has completely filled the bottle, remove the bowl. Keep your hand steady once the bowl is removed, because any downward movement will force the smoke out. Place your mouth on the mouthpiece, and slowly push the bottle downward while inhaling. If you're new to gravity bongs, start out with a smaller amount of dry herbs and work your way up.

clear glass
This piece features sleek and clean clear glass that allows you to watch this concentrate rig or water pipe function. Clear glass allows you to watch the bubbles stack as your smoke/vapor percolates
scientific glass
Scientific glass means this pipe is made from a clear borosilicate glass. It features a “laboratory” design, and usually an overall shape that resembles scientific equipment (glass beaker chambers, straight tubes, etc.)
thick glass
This glass pipe contains thick glass which increases its durability and longevity. Thick glass pieces are less likely to break due to their heavy glass construction.