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Genius Pipe
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Genius Pipe

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Product Overview

Genius Pipe Genius Pipe

The Genius Pipe is a hand pipe like no other. As its name suggests, it is ingeniously engineered to be a sleek and efficient piece. Unlike traditional hand pipes, the Genius Pipe is completely made of metal. When assembled, all of its components are tightly held together with magnets. One of the most clever features of this hand pipe is the slider, which has two cutouts for lighting your herbs. Just slide it upwards to align one of the cutouts with the bowl, which is embedded into the main body. The slider also allows you to store some herbs within the bowl, preventing any from falling out. You can achieve this storage capability by sliding the metal slider completely downward. This conceals the bowl completely. For optimal cleaning, the main body of the Genius Pipe is able to disassemble in half. When the body is disassembled, you will reveal an internal grid of ridges. These ridges prevent any ash or residue from reaching your mouth during inhale. It goes without saying, the Genius Pipe has thought of everything. (G-Stone sold separately)

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