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The Medtainer
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DankStop Medtainer

★★★★★ 3 customer reviews
$ 2200
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3.5 inches
  • The Medtainer container
  • Air-tight
  • Built in Grinder
  • Medtainer Container
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Smell Proof
  • Water Proof

Product Overview

The Medtainer DankStop Medtainer

At face value, the Medtainer may look like a simple container for dry herbs. However, there is more to this product than meets the eye. First and foremost, this container is airtight, waterproof, and smell-proof. The reason this container is so secure is because of its locking mechanism. There are 4 grooves that lock the top in place, so tight that nothing can get in or out. But the Medtainer doesn't stop there; it also has a built-in grinder. Just open the top and pull out the inner cavity to reveal the grinder inside. Place in some dry herbs, push the inner cavity back in, then twist away. Before you know it, you'll have perfectly ground herbs in your Medtainer. This particular version of Medtainers are customized with the DankStop logo on the cap, as well as with the name of our headshop on the side. For those who appreciate a personalهتtwistهتwith their accessories, the DankStop Medtainer is a great choice. It comes in multiple colors, too!

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