• steel dabber that looks like a sword
  • steel sword dabber and carb cap
  • sword dabber and carb cap for concentrates
  • sword dabber and carb cap standing next to DankStop lighter
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Cloud's Buster Sword Dabber/Carb Cap

$ 2999 + Free Shipping

  • Dank Tools carb cap
  • 4.75" Tall
  • Stainless Steel Carb Cap and Dabber
  • Stands on Carb Cap Base
  • Theme: Cloud's Buster Sword
  • Unscrews for Handling and Cleaning
  • Ventilation Hole

Dank Tools Cloud's Buster Sword Dabber/Carb Cap

If you're a fan of video games, you will love this themed carb cap and dabber. This stainless steel dabbing accessory looks strikingly similar to Cloud's Buster Sword. Aside from its impressive design, this carb cap/dabber performs extremely well. Not only does it have a ventilation hole for increased airflow, but it's also capable of unscrewing into two pieces. The sword dabber unscrews from the carb cap, giving you a choice as to how you'd like to hold this product. It's also much easier to clean when it's disassembled. With a 4.75" height, the sword themed dabber/carb cap can conveniently stand up on its own; it uses its carb cap as a base. When standing, the dabbing tool flaunts its awesome theme. This dual-use accessory is fun, useful, and nostalgic!