• Cloud Vaporizer Platinum - Galaxy
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Cloud Vaporizer Platinum - Galaxy

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CloudV Cloud Vaporizer Platinum - Galaxy

The Cloud Vape Pen is officially considered the most decorated portable vaporizer with multiple consecutive awards in the best product category. The sleek and small design makes this the ultimate travel device. The battery was precisely calculated for stable voltage for the best vaporizing experience. The battery can last 24-48 hours depending on usage. For the ultimate vaporizing experience it is recommended to be used with essential oils only. Every Cloud comes with a lifetime warranty on the battery.

direct draw vaporizer
A specific type of vaporizer that has a mouthpiece for direct inhalation of vapor. These vapes allow vapor to flow straight from the device to the user
analog vaporizer
This vaporizer has an analog interface for a user-friendly vaping experience. Most analog vaporizers contain either a dial or a button to initiate and control vaporization
portable vaporizer
A vaporizer designed to be carried around. These vaporizers are lighter and smaller than desktop vaporizers
vape pen
Otherwise known as a vaporizer pen, these slim portable vaporizers look similar to a cigarette. Most vape pens are for concentrates only, but some are compatible with dry herbs and tobacco
fixed temperature
The temperature of this vaporizer is fixed to a temperature that is optimal for vaporization of the intended materials