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Anaxy Star Grinder

Most grinders are made for one purpose; to grind. Anaxy has completely rethought the herb grinder with its Star Grinder. The Anaxy Star is designed to store, dispense, and of course grind your dry herbs. With nine total parts and accessories, it is easy to be intimidated by this grinder. But with plenty of helpful videos and a little practice you will be using every aspect of this mechanism like a pro. Now most people believe every grinder can be used for storage simply because it closes. The Anaxy Star has 3 separate storage compartments that can keep your herbs safe even when grinding other herbs.åÊ Don't want to waste time or herb by having to pick it out of your grinder's base? The Anaxy Star Grinder comes with an adapter funnel that allows you to pour and/or grind your dry herbs directly into whatever you smoke out of. After loading your dry herbs into the grinder, you never have to touch them again! The Anaxy Star Grinder is the most versatile herb grinder on the market.

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