• 13Glass - Kyle Hand Pipe
  • 13Glass - Kyle Hand Pipe
  • 13Glass - Kyle Hand Pipe
  • 13Glass - Kyle Hand Pipe
  • 13Glass - Kyle Hand Pipe
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Kyle Hand Pipe

$ 6000 + Free Shipping

  • 13Glass spoon
  • Branded Glass
  • Clear Glass Tubing with a Deep Bowl
  • Kyle Brofloski Character
  • Made in USA!
  • South Park Themed
  • american glass
  • themed glass

13Glass Kyle Hand Pipe

13Glass has taken everyone's favorite cartoon and created a line of South Park characters! Crafted using sturdy thick glass to form the 4.5" long clear glass tubing and to form a deep bowl for big hits every time, you can pay tribute to your favorite Daywalker with this Kyle Hand Pipe without sacrificing any functionality!! The bowl also features green colored glass to create Kyle's classic hat, and opaque colored glass to form his face and eyes, located at the front end of the bowl. Complete with a 13Glass logo sticker, this themed pipe was proudly made here in the USA!! Mmmkay?!

american glass
This glass piece is certified to be hand blown right here in the USA. American glass has earned a reputation of being sturdy, reliable, and well-made
themed glass
This vapor rig or water pipe contains a themed glass design. Carrying themed glass pieces is one way we cater to the varying interests of our consumer base