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Galaxy Vaporizer

Product SKU: SKC132
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  • Kandypens concentrate vaporizer
  • Temperature Controlled Battery
  • Quartz Crystal
  • Titanium Coils
  • Limited Edition Colors
  • Compatible with Concentrates
  • USB Charger
  • Dab Tool
  • direct draw vaporizer
  • analog vaporizer
  • portable vaporizer
  • vape pen
  • adjustable temperature

Product Overview

Kandypens Galaxy Vaporizer

This KandyPens Galaxy Concentrate Vaporizer comes to you from KandyPens located in California. Vaporizers are a new product on the smoking horizon, and are revered for their health benefits. Since vaporizers create no smoke, only vapor, what you consume is smoother on your lungs. This pen features a dual quartz rod with titanium wrapping, for a tasteful smoking experience! Whether you are a beginner to vaping concentrates, or a connoisseur of the activity, the Galaxy Vaporizer is a suitable concentrate vaporizer for you. If you are, indeed, new to vaping concentrates, don't hesitate to transition to vaping. It is a healthier and more convenient option. The Galaxy Vaporizer, as we previously mentioned, is equipped with a dual quartz rod atomizer. As opposed to a ceramic dish atomizer, the dual quartz rod atomizer is known for its quicker heat up time. You will never have to anxiously wait for your vape pen to heat up with this product. Aside from the impressive atomizer on this vape pen, another perk of this vape is that you can purchase it in a plethora of colors. The standard colors on this vape are as follows: Black Sparkle, Glossy Black, Pink, Purple, Red, Rubber Black, Turquoise, and White. These colors are wonderful and vibrant. However, you may be interested in the classier, more elegant limited edition colors. The limited edition colors are Chrome, Gold, Gun Metal, and Rose Gold. Whether you choose a standard color or a limited edition color, the visual aesthetic of this vape will be impressive. To make things even better, the vape pen includes a dab tool to help you pack the vape pen full of concentrates. In addition to the included dab tool, there is also a USB charger that comes with the vape. With all of its perks, this vape pen is a great choice.

Accessories That Fit This concentrate vaporizer

Features of This concentrate vaporizer

direct draw vaporizer
A specific type of vaporizer that has a mouthpiece for direct inhalation of vapor. These vapes allow vapor to flow straight from the device to the user.
analog vaporizer
This vaporizer has an analog interface for a user-friendly vaping experience. Most analog vaporizers contain either a dial or a button to initiate and control vaporization.
portable vaporizer
A vaporizer designed to be carried around. These vaporizers are lighter and smaller than desktop vaporizers
vape pen
Otherwise known as a vaporizer pen, these slim portable vaporizers look similar to a cigarette. Most vape pens are for concentrates only, but some are compatible with dry herbs and tobacco
adjustable temperature
The temperature of this vape can be adjusted to tailor the user’s vaping session to their specific preference

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