Vaporite has the attribute of experience which makes them stand apart from the competition. They started in 2007, before the vaporizer market became as competitive as it is today. They introduced one of the earliest desktop vaporizers - the wood-encased Vaporite Solo - in 2008 when desktop vaporizers weren’t on many smokers’ radar. Rather than becoming a distant memory, Vaporite has consistently adapted to the market by both upgrading their Vaporite Solo series and moving into the portable vaporizer market. Their latest Vaporite Solo has a digital control and a remote which makes commanding the temperature even easier. Vaporite also has multiple metal vaporizer units with built-in cooling fans and digital displays. Their portable vapes pioneered computer integration with features such as bluetooth compatibility, smartphone apps, and USB connectivity. One of their latest models - the Cosmic Vape - syncs with your iPhone through the Vaporite app. This app allows you to monitor your vaporizer’s voltage/wattage, see puff breakdown, maintain a puff journal, and set the limit of number of puffs you want to take per day. Vaporite’s goal with innovations like this is to give the user the ability to be conscious of their health while still enjoying a high-end and long-lasting smoking experience.

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