• tan colored lockable storage box for smoking accessories, made of hemp material
  • black storage box of herbs or concentrates, made of nylon
  • interior of stash box, by Stash Logix, with lockable zipper
  • lockable stash box with combination code sitting next to dankstop lighter
  • 3 clear glass jar containers
Stash Logix
Stash Logix Brand Logo

Large "ProStash"

★★★★★ 2 customer reviews
$ 8900

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4 inches
  • Stash Logix container
  • 1 Replaceable OdorPax: Absorbs Smell
  • 2 Interior Elastic Pockets: Mesh Material
  • 2 Interior Zipper Pockets: Mesh Material
  • 5 Columns of Interior Elastic Bands
  • 6 Velcro Dividers for Interior Compartments
  • Available in 2 Colors: Tan or Black
  • Black Color Made of Nylon Material
  • Branded w/ Stash Logix Logo
  • Carry Handle
  • Green Colored Interior Walls
  • Includes 1 Sharpie for Labeling Jars
  • Includes 3 Silicone Storage Jars
  • Large Size
  • Lockable Zipper
  • Numeric Combination Lock: 3 Digits
  • Port for Headphones or Charger Wire
  • Stash Logix Lockable Stashbox
  • Tan Color Made of Hemp Material

Product Overview

Stash Logix Large "ProStash"

Looking for a stash bag that is able to hold an abundance of smoking supplies? Well, then the "ProStash" by Stash Logix is the kind of storage bag you're looking for. This stash box is large enough to fit a plethora of items, using a lockable main zipper. The main zipper is locked using a 3 digit numeric combination. The combination lock mechanism is located on the side of the bag, and the shackle slips through each hole of both zipper tabs. To open the lock, enter your combination, then use your thumb to push the button on the right side of the mechanism. When the combination is correctly entered, this button will retract the shackles from the zipper tabs. Within the interior of the bag, there are various types of pockets and compartments for storage. There are 4 mesh pockets, 2 sealed with a zipper and 2 that use an elastic lining. The elastic pockets are the same size and located on opposite sides of the bag's bottom portion, but the zipper pockets differ in size and are located above one another. The largest mesh zipper pocket takes up the entirety of the opening flap's interior; within this pocket are 2 columns of elastic bands for securing thinner objects. The second zipper pocket is smaller, located internally under the opening flap. In front of this pocket are 3 more rows of elastic bands, providing more room for slender objects. Still need more space? Well, this stash box provides even more. Separated by velcro dividers, there is an L-shaped storage area running along two sides of the bag's bottom portion. You can even customize the size of this compartment by positioning the velcro dividers according to your preference. Also included with this stash bag are 3 glass storage jars and a sharpie; use the sharpie to label these jars for organization. Furthermore, this container comes with an OdorPax: this is essentially a square pouch that absorbs all odors pervading the bag. It's even replaceable to maintain a completely scent-free storage bag. And if your cellphone needs charging, there is a charging/headphone port that allows you to slip a wire into the interior. As for its aesthetics, all interior walls have a light green color. However, the exterior color is available in 2 options: Tan or Black. The tan colored ProStash is made of hemp canvas, while the black colored ProStash is made of nylon material.

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