Recyclers are one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways of inhaling vapor or smoke. Recycler rigs are the newest technology that expands upon the concept of traditional water pipes. Recyclers contain two chambers and are perfect for getting the absolute most flavor from your legal concentrates or dry herbs with their superb functionality. Using a recycler dab rig guarantees for the smoothest dabs possible because of their technology. To learn exactly how recycler vapor rigs work, check out our article all about recycler rigs. Then scope out our selection of recycler oil rigs below and grab yours today!

There are several benefits to using a reycler bong or rig. Not only does the top chamber recycle the water back down to the main percolator, but it also prevents water from getting to your mouth. Splashback is never something a customer should have to worry about when using their piece, which is one reason recyclers are so user-friendly. Aside from preventing the occurrence of splashback, recyclers are also great for producing very smooth hits. As opposed to a conventional bong or dab rig, a recycler maximizes the usage of water for filtration. This means that the smoke is more thoroughly filtered through a recycler than with any other type of piece. The consistent movement of smoke with water also prevents you from inhaling a stale hit. In conventional pieces, the smoke tends to build up in a stagnant chamber or within the neck. While the smoke sits in a static chamber, the moisture leaves the smoke and becomes very dry. This is what causes a stale hit. Since smoke and water are constantly moving together in a recycler, the loss of moisture is minimized.

Beyond the amazing function of recyclers, they also look really awesome. Because of their more complex engineering, you will see some of the most unique and scientific designs on recyclers.

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