• Davinci Miqro Vaporizer
  • Davinci Miqro Vaporizer
  • Davinci Miqro Vaporizer
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Miqro Vaporizer

Product SKU: DAV121
$ 14900

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3 inches
  • DaVinci dry herb vaporizer
  • Beautiful & Discreet
  • Clean and innovative airflow system
  • Adjustable oven size
  • No loose parts
  • 18350 rechargeable and removable battery
  • 2 hours of charge time
  • 39 second heat up time
  • 3 temprature settings
  • multiple presets
  • easy to use interface
  • Control with your phone using mobile app
  • Includes cleaning materials
  • and USB charger
  • 3" height x 1.5 inch width
  • 3 ounce weight yet extremely durable

Product Overview

DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer

The Miqro Vaporizer by DaVinci is a beautifully crafted dry herb vaporizer. The compact version of the IQ, Miqro is small, durable and visually stunning. The zirconium ceramic airflow system of the Miqro is designed to provide you with one of the cleanest hist on the dry herb vaporizer market. Don't worry about any metallic or chemical tastes, as this is the purest drawing system on the market. A Solid metal exterior frame protects the innovative airflow system, as well as the removable 18350mah battery, and large ceramic oven. The oven chamber features an adjustable head, allowing you to shrink the chamber by up to 50% giving you more control of your hits, and usage, than any vaporizer before. Hinged lids for each compartment ensure you won't be losing parts as often, if ever. To begin using, press the power button 5 times, and use the two smaller buttons below to adjust your temperature to it's desired level, and can heat up to 370°F in less than 40 seconds. There are several preset commands such as stealth, boost, stand by, and precision mode.You can also receive real time heating and battery life updates at the press of a button, and the Miqro even tells you when its time to pass it! When your session is over simply press the power button 5 more times to shut down. This sleek little package also comes with a USB charger, extended mouth piece, cleaning brushes and wipes, and extra gaskets where necessary. Did we mention there's an App?! Truly one of the most innovative, interactive, and operational vaporizers on the market, The DaVinci Miqro is a worthy investment for all smokers new and old!

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