M.I.O. Glass

M.I.O. stands for Made In Oregon and this glass company is proud of its American roots. M.I.O. Glass designs water pipes, bubblers, and concentrate pipes from extremely thick lab-grade German Schott glass. The thick glass makes their water pipes extremely durable and reliable. M.I.O. Glass makes scientific water pipes that have a clean and distinct appearance. Sleek designs and reliable quality are what make M.I.O. Glass water pipes a prime example of sturdy American made glass.

While the company's products are highly functional and made from durable material, M.I.O piece can also look really artistic. For instance, the Worked Inline Perc Direct Inject Bubbler features some fascinating colored glass accents. On the neck, base, inline perc, and 90° joint, there is worked glass. These worked glass accents have a blue background with yellow swirls laid over it. On the side of the main chamber, the M.I.O. logo is embedded into the glass itself. This product truly demonstrates the artistic integrity that M.I.O. maintains in their product designs. However, they also make sure to incorporate a high-performance inline percolator. The function of the bong is not sacrificed for visuals, and vice versa.

One of their scientific water pipes is called the Double Barrel Perc Bong. When you inhale through the mouthpiece of the bong, smoke travels directly into the first chamber. From this chamber, the smoke is directed into the center of the double barrel perc. The way this perc works, is by having one of the barrels located within another. The smoke and water get directed into the center-most perc first, filter through it, then filter through the outer perc. This makes for double the filtration occurring within one single chamber. Once the smoke has filtered through the double barrel perc, it finally exits the mouthpiece. There is also a domed splashguard that prevents any water from reaching your lips.

M.I.O. Glass is hashes out the best of the best in every aspect. Take a look at our collection of their products.

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