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Hailing from Southern California, the folks at Left Coast Glass pride themselves on their small business values. Starting in 2009 as a single glass shop, they grew into a producer of premium glass bongs by 2011, focusing on clear scientific glass bongs, bubblers and ashcatchers at a range of reasonable prices. Instead of relying on celebrity promotions or pop culture themed products, Left Coast Glass’ pipes are defined by their adaptability. All of their pieces feature removable necks, downstems, or bowls, making them compatible with other glass pieces and accessories. Left Coast Glass sells replacements for all these items. Their pipes are also exclusively polished glass, with joints and removable pieces included. Though they avoid complex visual designs, all of their products are branded prominently with their logo and often feature a splash of bright colored accents.

To give you a better understanding of Left Coast Glass bongs, let's dive into the details of one of their products: the Clear Glass Beaker Bong with Ice Catcher. As with many of the company's products, this glass is mostly clear. The only part of the bong that isn't fully clear is the neck, which is branded with the Left Coast Glass logo along its length. The base of the bong is triangular like that of a beaker, and is capable of holding a sizable amount of water for filtration. Accompanying the roomy chamber, the removable diffused downstem is responsible for diffusing the smoke and water. Lastly, the beaker bong also has a built-in ice catcher. Since the catcher is located on the lower part of the neck, it leaves you with a lot of room for stacking ice within it. Once your smoke has diffused through the water and passed the ice cubes, you will enjoy a silky smooth inhale.

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