Founded in 2011, Innokin produces constant technological innovations, outstanding and reliable designs, and high standards of quality. Innokin aims to create the best electronic cigarettes and e-liquid vaporizers in the world. They manufacture four electronic vaporizers, including the CoolFire IV Express Kit. Each of their vaporizers has their own style and technology that best fits the intended purpose. The CoolFire is the result of Innokin’s many teams of engineers pushing to create technologies that are unique and above the competition. Confirming the credibility of the company's engineering, they have 71 design patents. They even have 40 patents for utility models, and 61 processing patents. Innokin's cutting edge engineering touches on both functionality and design. On all ends, this company is leading the electronic cigarette and vaping industry. 

Innokin strives to make legendary vaporizers that improve the vaping community as a whole. With the amount of patents Innokin has throughout the industry, it is easy to see why they are an international leader in electronic smoking. However, it would be best to take a look at one of Innokin's products, the CoolFire IV Express Kit, in order to better understand their efforts. One of the best features of this vaporizer is the vape-while-charging technology. This feature, mixed with the extremely quick heat-up time, optimally minimizes your wait time. However, Innokin is also concerned with safety as much as it is concerned with functionality. For instance, they have a short circuit/atomizer protection feature and an overheat protection feature. There is even an OLED screen built into the side of the vaporizer. It displays the number of puffs you have taken, as well as the measurement of resistance. Innokin has even included a micro-USB charger with the vaporizer. You can use it to charge the 2000mAh battery, which has quite the duration of life. 

If you are looking for a reliable and advanced e-liquid vaporizer, our Innokin collection is worth checking out.


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