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High Tech Glassworks is a quickly growing glass manufacturer based out of Los Angeles, California. High Tech Glassworks designs scientific glass bongs, dab rigs, and glass pipes from high end German Schott glass. High Tech Glassworks are blurring the line between production and heady glass by collaborating with glass artists to create heady glass in larger quantities than normal. The large selection High Tech Glassworks offers includes everything from scientific glass to heady glass, all created with durability and functionality in mind.

One of the signature designs incorporated into many High Tech Glassworks products is the soda bottle. We carry many of their products that possess such a design. Take the "Spritech" Bottle Pipe, for example. This pipe is reminiscent of a Sprite bottle, as it has a green tint the the glass, with a blue label. Even the mouthpiece looks like a blue cap, tying the theme altogether. The best thing about this bong, as with many High Tech Glassworks bongs is the awesome perc equipped with it. The Spritech bong features a diffused downstem perc, which thoroughly filters your smoke. The main chamber is large enough to fit a sizable amount of water, which will further enhance filtration.

Apart from their signature bottle theme, High Tech Glassworks is also known for their Trap Tube theme. These water pipes, such as the Trap Tube 2.0 Cup Perc Bong, are covered in decals from mouthpiece to base. The percs in these bongs are also highly functional when it comes to diffusion. For instance, they are often equipped with a cup perc that has slits all round its circumference. Beyond water pipes, the company has even ventured into producing hand pipes like the Trap Sherlock Pipe. The dry herb bowl is meant to look like a styrofoam cup oozing out a purple liquid. 

If you enjoy a high performance product with a fun theme, peruse through this collection of High Tech Glassworks products.


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