Heady Glass

Heady glass by local artists all over the USA can be found in our ever expanding collection. Our online headshop offers these pieces of functional glass art that are sure to stand out in your glass collection. Our heady glass selection includes American artists and brands such as Dan Rushin, Geos Glass, Glass Antixx, Lucid Glass, Urban Glass, and more. These beautiful glass water pipes and hand pipes are unique and made in small quantities. Whether you're a glass connoisseur trying to add to your collection or you're just looking for a stunning and functional new piece, our heady glass selection has got you covered.

What makes heady glass worth the extra dollar, is how unique the glass is. The glass artists who create these amazing creations handcraft every one of their pieces. Thus, they are not mass manufactured like many other glass pieces. Take the White art of War Bubbler by Sokol, for instance. Not only is this a purely unique creation, but it also possesses some advanced characteristics. The included dabber is shaped like a sword and magnetically attaches to the side of the water pipe. This way, you never have to find a place to store your dabber. The engineering of the piece has taken care of that for you. As this Sokol bong demonstrates, heady class can be cleverly engineered and artistically designed.

While Sokol pieces are very unique from one another, there are certain heady glass pieces that maintain a kind of theme. For example, Grogg Glass water pipes are similar in their general form. They often have a skinny neck and a bubble base with that tapers outward. Furthermore, they often include a worked glass flower on the exterior of the glass. While these Grogg Glass pieces are similar in form, the detail of their art varies greatly.

No matter the kind of heady glass you are searching for, this heady glass collection has something for you.

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