Haze Tech

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Founded in 2013, Haze Technologies has created one of the best portable vaporizers for extreme versatility. A very personal company, Haze Tech will work with you no matter your experience with vaporizers. The Haze Dual vaporizer was released in 2014 and there has been two updated versions produced since. They make their improvements to each version based on customer feedback which means the consumer is most important to Haze Tech. With this approach they are able to focus solely on making their product the best possible in all categories and creates a quick turnaround for new versions. The latest Haze Dual is the V3 and took the vaping experience to the next level with ultimate portability and amazing functionality.

The Haze Dual 3.0 is the only vaporizer that features the option to vape your concentrates and dry herbs at the same time. Another facet of this vaporizer is the heating options. You can choose whether to use conduction or convection heating methods through the included corresponding screens. Both screens are constructed from stainless steel. Use the conduction screens for dry herbs and tobacco or use the convection ones for oils and concentrates. The Haze Dual 3.0 comes with a 10 year warranty. This assures you that Haze Tech truly cares about their customers in more ways than one. Dual chambers gives you a fully customizable experience. Choose to either fill each with a different material or double up for a more intense hit.

It's all thanks to their mission that Haze Tech has been able to manufacture such competitive vaporizers. Their mission is to "excel in customer service and provide Haze users with the best experience." The company truly care about providing their customers with the absolute best experience possible. They don't want to alienate any kind of customer, whether a beginner or expert at vaping. This is what makes the V3 Dual Bowl Vaporizer such a great product; it doesn't pertain to one particular kind of customer. Rather, it tries to be as inclusive as possible!