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Moose Labs
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Gas Mask w/ MouthPeace

Product SKU: ML-MP-GM-PI
$ 3999
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  • Moose Labs mouthpiece
  • Moose Labs Gask Mask
  • Available in 5 Colors
  • Does Not Include Bong/Water Pipe
  • Includes Lanyard w/ Carabiner
  • Includes MouthPeace
  • Interchangeable w/ Glass Pieces
  • Mask Made of Rubber
  • MouthPeace Made of Cured Silicone
  • Release Valve for Air Circulation
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Product Overview

Moose Labs Gas Mask w/ MouthPeace

Tired of those standard gas masks attached to the end of a cheap bong? Check out this interchangeable gas mask by Moose Labs. The secret to this mask's interchangeability lies within a gadget called the "MouthPeace," which is a removable mouthpiece included with the gas mask. The MouthPeace is a signature product from Moose Labs, responsible for gaining them a substantial amount of popularity. With its tapered shape, the MouthPeace expands and collapses in accordance with the piece it's being used with. To use it with the gas mask, connect the cylindrical end of the mouthpiece into the circular slot of the mask. Insert the narrow end of the MouthPeace into any sized bong or rig, then you're ready to use the mask. And if you don't use the gas mask every single time you smoke, the MouthPeace can be used individually. It functions both as a portable mouthpiece (to prevent the spread of germs) and as an adapter. The tapered end of the MouthPeace fits universally into any joint, while the opposite end adapts into an 18mm female dropdown or bowl. As for the usability of the gas mask, there is a release valve for air circulation. It is located on the cheek of the mask and opened with a screw-on cap. With this valve, you'll never feel smothered with smoke inside of the mask. Just unscrew the cap on the valve to increase airflow and breathe easier. Regarding the composition of the product, the gas mask is made from rubber and the MouthPeace from cured silicone. For convenience, a lanyard is attached to the underside of the mask. This lanyard is connected to a carabiner, which attaches to a short strap branded with the official Moose Labs logo. At the end of this short strap is a swivel clip that hooks onto the silicone mouthpiece. The gas mask and MouthPeace are easily kept together using this structure. Equipped with cutting-edge innovation, this product has set a new standard for all other gas masks to meet.<br></br>Available in 5 Colors:<ul><li>Glow-in-the-Dark</li><li>Rasta</li><li>Black</li><li>Pink</li><li>Light Blue</li></ul>

Features of This mouthpiece

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