• black and white colored taster bat, made of acrylic
  • short green colored acrylic taster bat
  • charcoal colored one hitter, made of acrylic, branded with RYOT logo
  • RYOT black colored taster bat, made of acrylic
  • blue colored acrylic one hitter, made by RYOT
  • acrylic taster bat with purple color, branded by RYOT
  • RYOT short size taster bat, made of acrylic
  • RYOT white acrylic one hitter
  • RYOT green acrylic taster bat large
  • RYOT charcoal acrylic taster bat
  • large black colored one hitter, branded by RYOT
  • blue acrylic taster bat, made by RYOT
  • acrylic one hitter with purple color
  • RYOT yellow one hitter made of acrylic
  • RYOT green acrylic taster bat large
  • RYOT green acrylic taster bat large
RYOT Brand Logo

Acrylic Taster Bat

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$ 950
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  • RYOT chillum
  • Acrylic Taster Bat by RYOT
  • Choice of Size
  • Choice of Color
  • Branded w/ RYOT Logo
  • Durable Acrylic Exterior
  • Easy to Clean
  • Metal Airway
  • Metal Tip: Un-Screwable
  • Pairs w/ RYOT Acrylic Dugout

Product Overview

RYOT Acrylic Taster Bat

RYOT's Acrylic Taster Bats are great for taking on-the-go. Branded with the official RYOT logo, these one hitters are offered in 7 different colors: Charcoal, Blue, Green, Purple, White, Yellow, and Black. Each color also features a streaked design to complement its base color. Furthermore, you can choose between 2 sizes: Small or Large. The small sized one hitters reach a length of 2", while the Large ones reach a length of 3".The metal tip is un-screwable, making the one hitter much easier to clean; you can reach the internal airway with much less effort. Not only is the tip made of metal, but the internal airway is also metal. The durable composition of this taster bat extends its life, allowing it to last much longer than standard one hitters. RYOT's Acrylic Taster bats are simple yet effective. They are also affordably priced!

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