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Glass accessories, slides, downstems, glass on glass adapters, dropdowns, and reclaimers are stocked for numerous reasons. Sometimes your clumsy friend drops your pipe and breaks the downstem. Sometimes you get home with a new bowl piece to discover it doesn't fit your water pipe. We know how it is. Shop below for great deals on all the glass parts and accessories you need to get smokin'!

If you are looking for a replacement downstem, look to the Titan-Stem Metal Downstem. It is by far the most innovative solution to fixing the weak points in a downstem. Naturally, a downstem's glass must be long and thin in order to perform its function. However, the Titan-Stem is not made off glass at all. Instead, it is made of metal and includes several screw-on parts so you can switch out the diffuser, as well as adjust the length. Not only does this product possess extreme durability, but it can also be used with different water pipes. The Titan-Stem is the best choice to replace or upgrade your current downstem.

On the other hand, there is also a wide variety of glass adapters to decide from. If you are looking for a new or upgraded adapter, it is important to know the style that you would most prefer. For instance, a standard adapter is designed quite differently than a dropdown adapter. A standard adapter remains close to the water pipe, while a dropdown adapter extends away from the water pipe. For example, take Grav Labs Female to Female Adapter. This is a prime representation of a standard adapter, as it only serves to make a joint with a certain size/gender compatible with a different joint. The dropdown adapter, as opposed to the standard adapter, slopes down and away from the water pipe at a 45° angle. This prevents ash from getting into the water pipe, while also keeps bowl/nail away from the piece.

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