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Mini Vape Pen

Product SKU: SKC160
$ 13495
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5.5 inches
  • Kandypens concentrate vaporizer
  • 3 Temperature Settings
  • For Use with Concentrates
  • Large Heating Chamber
  • USB Charger
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • direct draw vaporizer
  • digital vaporizer
  • portable vaporizer
  • vape pen
  • adjustable temperature

Product Overview

Kandypens Mini Vape Pen

Feast your eyes on the Kandypens Mini, aهتnext generation ceramic sub-ohm vaporizer. It reaches a height of 4.5 inches, and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. This vape is equipped with a powerful 950 mAh lithium ion battery, which is temperature controlled for your convenience. You can adjust the temperature between three different settings: 350˚F, 390˚F, 430˚F. This way, you can vape at the temperature you prefer. If you want to vape more efficiently, you can gradually increase the temperature as you vape. On the other hand, you can cut right to the chase by vaping at a higher temperature, and getting thicker clouds of vape. The Mini Vape Pen is also great for preserving the flavor of your concentrates; it has advanced ceramic disc SloBurn Technology. No combustion ever occurs, and an elevated air-flow system allows for a smooth inhale. The great thing about ceramic atomizers is that they heat more gradually, which optimally transfers the flavor of concentrates. As a safety feature, the vape has a 10-second auto-shutoff. Though this feature may seem trivial, it is actually really convenient. You never have to worry about remembering to turn off your vape, as it will automatically shut off for you. The deep ceramic chamber has no wick, and is capable of holding a sizable amount of concentrate. The vape kit also includes alcohol wipes and a mini-USB charger. These alcohol wipes are great for cleaning your vape after it has built up some unwanted residue. The wipes are able to un-stick residue from surfaces. Lastly, this vaporizer is handmade, developed, and designed in the USA. You can also get this portable vaporizer in several different color options: black, pink, purple, red, turquoise, and white. The Mini Vape Pen is an amazing investment, especially for those who are very dedicated to vaping concentrates.

Accessories That Fit This concentrate vaporizer

Features of This concentrate vaporizer

direct draw vaporizer
A specific type of vaporizer that has a mouthpiece for direct inhalation of vapor. These vapes allow vapor to flow straight from the device to the user.
digital vaporizer
This vaporizer has a digital interface for an easier reading of temperature, battery, or other settings. Digital vaporizers generally have a screen to display this information.
portable vaporizer
A vaporizer designed to be carried around. These vaporizers are lighter and smaller than desktop vaporizers
vape pen
Otherwise known as a vaporizer pen, these slim portable vaporizers look similar to a cigarette. Most vape pens are for concentrates only, but some are compatible with dry herbs and tobacco
adjustable temperature
The temperature of this vape can be adjusted to tailor the user’s vaping session to their specific preference

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