Ceramic Nails

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Ceramic nails offer a great way to consume legal concentrates and essential oils with a dab rig. Our ceramic nails are made of high quality ceramic to ensure durability. We have a large selection of Hive Ceramics, one of the most respected ceramic accessory companies in the industry. We even make our own that come in many different sizes and styles. A ceramic nail does not have to be in the standard form to get the job done and vaporize your concentrates. Depending on your dab rig and style of vaporizing your concentrates, there might be a better ceramic nail out there for you to optimize your dabbing process.

There are many benefits to choosing ceramic nails over the other dab nail options. Being made out of top quality ceramic, these nails are food grade and almost always 100% safe. Ceramic nails might take longer to heat up, but the extra time is worth it. The heat retention of ceramic nails will keep you dabbing without having to constantly fire it back up. This option has proven to be phenomenal when dabbing with a group of people. Just like with titanium nails, you can "season" a ceramic nail to increase flavor. Seasoned ceramic nails hold more flavor if properly executed. That is one of the main reason for ceramic nails' popularity; the fact it can intensify flavors of your wax and concentrates. If you really like to taste your dabs, this is the way to go. It is not necessary for you to even season the nail as the ceramic holds tremendous flavor.

Ceramic nails come in many different forms. From the standard ceramic nails like the 14/18mm Female Ceramic Domeless Nail to the 14mm Standard Adjustable Ceramic Nail, there is a ceramic nail for everyone. The first thing you have to figure out is the size of your dab rig's joint. Some ceramic nails can fit multiple sizes, but we here at DankStop offer them in all sizes. The 14mm Standard Adjustable Ceramic Nail actually fits the dab rig's depth perfectly, so you will not have a loose or shaky dab nail. An unsecured nail can be dangerous and messy. This dab nail works like a standard nail, fitting inside a dome. If you have an odd shaped dab rig choose the 14mm Standard Adjustable Ceramic Nail.

Ceramic is made from a combination of materials including clay, elements, powders, and water. This mean it is the most natural option out of all the dab nails. A more "one with nature" approach has always been a big part of smoking culture so it makes sense to go with the dab nail that is the most organic. Tasty, clean hits are what you should seek out in a dab nail, and that's what ceramic nails give you consistently. Just make sure to heat it slowly and evenly for the best results.

Some ceramic nails can fit multiple sizes, which certainly helps if you do not know the best fit for the joint on your dab rig. Luckily DankStop has options in all sizes and genders to fit any rig set up. Hive Ceramics is a a brand we carry and emulate in our own DankStop ceramic nails. High quality ceramic goes a long way to providing our customers and dabbers with the best vaping session possible. Ceramic can be dainty at times, but we here at DankStop gather the good stuff so you will get plenty of mileage out of each one you buy. Nothing is worse than receiving a dab nail that works and fits perfectly but does not last long. With ceramic nails, you can get a great deal of usage if you properly take care of it, as the case with most dab nails.

Make sure to check out all the designs we have here at DankStop. We even have a ceramic nails in banger designs, like the Quave Glass Collab 14mm Club Banger Nail. Banger Nails help keep the open flame of your torch away from the dab rig, limiting the chance of heat fractures. Ceramic nails are the newest concentrate nail in the dabbing industry and, as always, DankStop is right there to help you experience every nuance we can.


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