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  • Spinkler and Inline Perc
  • Included Bowl
  • Glycerin Coil - Freeze it and Taste the Difference
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Big Sprinkler to Removable Glycerin Coil Bong

Product SKU: DS-BNG3-BK
★★★★★ 5 customer reviews
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Joint Size:
18mm female
18 inches
  • DankStop bong
  • Choice of Accent Colors
  • Includes 18mm Male Bowl
  • Removable Glycerin Coil
  • Keck Clip Included
  • clear glass
  • colored glass
  • sprinkler perc
  • inline perc
  • condenser coil
  • flared mouthpiece
  • dewar's joint
  • thick glass
  • 90° joint
  • 18mm joint
  • female joint
  • deep bowl

Product Overview

DankStop Big Sprinkler to Removable Glycerin Coil Bong

The problem with huge bongs is storing them. The Big Sprinkler to Removable Glycerin Coil Bong conveniently separates at the center, about halfway up the water pipe. The top half of the Big Sprinkler to Removable Glycerin Coil Bong is a freezable condenser coil. Place this section of the bong in the freezer for a few hours before you toke up. After awhile, the condenser coil will be ice cold. When your smoke travels through this portion of the water pipe, it will transform into an icy, more smooth hit. It is basically a much fancier version of an ice catcher which needs no ice, as the glycerin coil freezes instead. Do not worry about this section freezing and breaking in the freezer as it is made with thick, durable glass like the rest of the bong. This section of the bong also has a flared mouthpiece for comfortable inhalation. As if the icy freshness produced by the glycerin coil was not enough, the bottom half of the Big Sprinkler to Removable Glycerin Coil Bong has plenty of filtration. The smoke is led into the first chamber of the bong by way of an inline perc. The inline perc is attached directly to the ninety degree 18mm female joint. Numerous slits running on top of the inline perc diffuse your smoke for a tastier hit. Directly above this perc is another one; a sprinkler perc. The sprinkler perc has multiple arms reaching upwards, diffusing your smoke further. Combine the amount of diffusion with the ice cold freshness and you can expect consistently tasty tokes. When in use these two sections are held in place by a keck clip. Color accents are featured around the 4.75 inch wide base, on the Dewar's Joint, keck clip, inline perc, and condenser coil. These color accents come in your choice of color!

Accessories That Fit This bong

Features of This bong

clear glass
This piece features sleek and clean clear glass that allows you to watch this concentrate rig or water pipe function. Clear glass allows you to watch the bubbles stack as your smoke/vapor percolates
colored glass
This piece features beautiful colored glass accents that give it a unique and aesthetically appealing appearance. Colored glass is one of the many features that can make this piece stand out in your glass collection
sprinkler perc
A sprinkler perc is a circular perc featuring multiple tubes branching out in all directions. Similar to a tree perc, the smoke goes through the circular part and leaves out through the many different arms. The separation of the smoke/vapor causes filtration and diffusion for optimal pulls.
inline perc
Inline percolators are straight tubes consisting of slits or grids leading inside a perpendicular chamber.
condenser coil
When used in a bong, it is a removable chamber with a coil tube inside and filled with freezable glycerin that is connected to the neck and mouthpiece. Users remove and freeze this chamber in order to cool down smoke once it’s placed back on the bong. When utilized in handheld glass pipes, the user would freeze the entire pipe to achieve the desired effects This removable, glycerin filled glass coil is used to cool down your smoke, similar to ice. Throw it in the freezer for a bit before use, and this coil will result in a chilled and delicious smoke. Unlike using traditional ice, it will never melt or raise the water level in your bong, preventing splashback and bong water drinkage.
flared mouthpiece
Flared mouthpieces have elevated glass around the mouthpiece which make it conform perfectly to your mouth for superior comfort and an airtight seal while smoking.
dewar's joint
A dewar’s joint is the small glass tube that connects the joint to the chamber. Its purpose is to reinforce the strength of the joint and to create additional support for the glass pipe
thick glass
This glass pipe contains thick glass which increases its durability and longevity. Thick glass pieces are less likely to break due to their heavy glass construction.
90° joint
This item features a joint at a diagonal 90º angle. Use with other 90º pipes and accessories.
18mm joint
This item features an 18mm joint size. It will fit other 18mm pipes/accessories of the opposite gender.
female joint
This item features a female joint. It will fit all male jointed pipes and accessories of the same size.
deep bowl
This pipe features a deep bowl to allow for a large amount of dry herbs or tobacco to be packed at one time

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