★★★★ 4.78 / 5 stars, 27 reviews

Alien Flower Monkey, otherwise known as AFM, integrates a cosmic design into their company’s scientific glass. One of the ways they are able to achieve this appearance is often by incorporating recyclers with top-notch percolators. The recycling chamber, separation tubes, and percolators work together to give the piece an intricate look. The entirety of the piece achieves an extraterrestrial aesthetic with the intricacy of glass, color accents, and notable AFM logo. Not only do the recyclers and percolators give the glass a unique appearance, they also provide extremely smooth hits. Combining optimal filtration with a cosmic look, this company combines form and function with their selection of well-rounded pieces.

One of their most unique and well-engineered recyclers has to be the Klein Incycler Bong w/ Donut Perc. The first thing you notice about this bong is the stunning visual. The bottom portion of the bong is cylindrical, while the top half has an inverted cone spilling into the cylinder. This recycler's design begins to make more sense, as you understand exactly how it works. Unlike standard recyclers, the Klein Incycler Bong w/ Donut Perc recycles the water directly into the perc. It helps to understand the exact journey the smoke takes. As you inhale, you draw the smoke into the main chamber as usual. While the smoke is percolates, some water splashes upward. This unused water gets directed into the recycling chamber (inverted cone). Once the water reaches the recycling chamber with the force of your inhale, gravity takes over and forces the water downward. The water enters a tube that directs it directly into the perc; the tube literally runs through the perc itself. Alien Flower Monkey often designs their bongs and rigs to work as recyclers. However, incyclers are a bit more efficient at directing water back to the percolator. They are superior at filtering and cooling smoke.

AFM pieces are vibrant, well-engineered, and visually stunning. These pieces are also being offered at some really affordable prices. Check them out!