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From the San Francisco Bay Area, 7pipe designs products for the smoker lifestyle. Portability and functionality are huge pluses for any smoker. 7pipe sells everything from herb grinders to all-in-one items like the 7pipe Pro. The 7pipe Pro comes with a removable glass bowl, a storage area, and a built-in lighter just to name a few. Other items such as the Twisty Glass Blunt has more than one function as well. This glass blunt grinds your herbs and allows you to smoke out of it too. 7pipe guarantees satisfaction and has a 365 day return policy. Since 2007, they are passionate about the industry and are constantly designing new products to help improve your smoking experience.

While the 7Pipe Pro is an awesome product that possesses amazing features, their Twisty Glass Blunt steals the show for certain. This product is widely popular among our customers, and for good reason. Firstly, it incorporates what they call "cool pull" technology. This cool pull technology is achieved through the threading of the screw, contained within the center of the glass. This screw absorbs the heat of the smoke as it travels around and up towards the mouthpiece. By the time the smoke reaches the mouthpiece, it is 30% cooler. The temperature begins at 345°F and cools down to roughly 92°F. This makes for a much smoother hit. While this cooling effect is super useful, the screw's engineering allows it to be even more useful. If you turn the mouthpiece, it will also turn the rest of the screw. Believe it or not, as the screw turns around, it pushes your dry herbs forward. All of the used up herbs are ashed, as the screw turns. At the same time, the fresh herbs replace that which has been used up. This entire system allows you to just turn the mouthpiece in order to light up more herbs. Instead of having to repack it like a bowl, the Twisty Glass Blunt is designed for an easy and simple smoking session.