• Innovators of Vaping: Innokin

    Innovators of Vaping: Innokin
    Founded in 2011, Innokin prides itself on being at the forefront of vaporizer technology. Innokin currently has 71 design patents, 40 patents for utility models and 61 processing patents, making them one of the international leaders in electronic vaporizer function and design.They’ve pioneered in areas such as magnetic connection, pen vaporizer caps, LED power indicators, ‘Vape While Charging’, RTC (Reactive Temperature Control) Technology, and much...
  • Innovators of Vaping: Arizer

    Innovators of Vaping: Arizer
    There are many great debates: democrat vs republican, kobe vs lebron, and of course, whip vs bag. During the 2000’s rise of vaporizers, the method of inhalation was one of the defining features of early desktop vapes. Bag-style vaporizers have inner fans that pushed vapor into plastic bags that could be inhaled. Whip-style vaporizers have tubes connected to glass wands that are filled with...
  • How Do I Use My Concentrate?

    How Do I Use My Concentrate?
    Many smokers avoid concentrates since the most common methods of smoking (rolling papes, hand pipes, dry herb bongs, etc) aren’t feasible with these substances. While that’s partially true, there are still plenty of simple ways you can use concentrates Dab Rigs The dab rig is the most effective way to enjoy concentrates. Similar to dry herb bongs, a dab rig provides water filtration to...