• Glossary of the Different Types of Nails

    Glossary of the Different Types of Nails
    There’s a host of dab nail options available, and though they might all seem the same to a novice they each have their own pros and cons. There are improvements made in the dab nail game all the time, but once you become familiar with the basics you’ll notice that every new design is building on these, the classics. As e-nails proliferate and manual,...
  • Top Ten Dab Tools

    Top Ten Dab Tools
    Completely Universal Titanium Nail What size is your dab rig’s joint? Is it male or female? With a universal titanium nail, it doesn’t matter! You can use a completely universal titanium nail with any dab rig or water pipe, as long as it has a glass on glass joint. No matter the size or gender, just place this dab nail in any joint and...