• Beginner's Guide to Pipes

    Beginner's Guide to Pipes
    There is an incredible variety of choice available when it comes to buying a pipe, so many that even seasoned smokers can find it difficult to decide on exactly what they want in their next piece. When you’re a beginner the choice can seem overwhelming, but being armed with a little information about what’s available to you as a consumer can help you make an...
  • Grav Labs: Rising To Greatness

    Grav Labs: Rising To Greatness
    Grav Labs: Rising To Greatness Most people celebrate the Jewish holiday of Chanukkah with Hebrew songs, oil-fried foods and the spinning of dreidels. David Daily - founder of the scientific glass company Grav Labs - decided to celebrate it by making the “Menorah Bong”. Like an actual menorah, this water pipe has 9 glass bowls which are filled, lit, and then removed one at...
  • Smoking Etiquette

    Smoking Etiquette
    Smoking is always best as a social activity. Sharing dank herb with your friends and family is a great way bring each other closer, so don’t screw it up! Even the chillest of smokers can get annoyed if you don’t follow basic etiquette while partaking. Here’s a few tips to make sure your invitation to the smoke circle isn’t revoked. Whoever Provides, First Imbibes...