• How to Smoke In Your Hotel Room

    How to Smoke In Your Hotel Room
    Back in the day, smoking in a hotel room was a gamble. While more and more hotels begin to turn away from smoking-accessible rooms, those who are looking for a cloudy adventure have been finding themselves having to come up with all sorts of techniques to evade detection. Luckily with the emergence of vape pens over the last few years most of the clunkier...
  • How To Clean Your Grinder

    How To Clean Your Grinder
    Keeping your smoking tools clean is important if you want a consistently enjoyable smoking experience. This is true of grinders as well: a grinder caked in leftover herbs can get stuck and clog the screen. Here’s a few tips on how to remedy that. What You’ll Need -toothpick-cotton swabs-isopropyl alcohol-milk or cream (optional)-stove top (optional)-saucepan/pot (optional) The Steps Scrape the screen Use a toothpick...