• What’s The Best Way To Store Your Stash?

    What’s The Best Way To Store Your Stash?
    Just like how your mom told you to put your toys away when you’re done with them, you should really make sure to put...other things...away when you’re done with them. This can be for security, preservation, or just general cleanliness. The first thing to consider when storing your herbs or tobacco is what you’ll put it in. Many people leave their product in small...
  • How To Dab On A Budget

    How To Dab On A Budget
      Once you see all the tools you need for dabbing, it’s easy to believe that it’s out of reach for the common smoker. You’d be wrong; dabbing is more than affordable if you know what to look for. Let us help you get the best bargains on dab equipment. Dab Rig If you already have a dry herb bong, you can convert it...
  • Top Ten Dab Tools

    Top Ten Dab Tools
    Completely Universal Titanium Nail What size is your dab rig’s joint? Is it male or female? With a universal titanium nail, it doesn’t matter! You can use a completely universal titanium nail with any dab rig or water pipe, as long as it has a glass on glass joint. No matter the size or gender, just place this dab nail in any joint and...