• What are the Different Types of Percs?

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    What are the Different Types of Percs?
    There are plenty of perks to smoking a bong over a dry pipe, but you might be surprised to find that there are also many percs, too. That’s right: percolators. Everyone’s favorite glass filter piece that sounds like a bad ‘80s dance. Percolators aren’t complicated when it comes down to function. They all break down the smoke (or vapor) and filter it through bubbling...
  • How Dab Rigs are Made

    How Dab Rigs are Made
    There’s nothing like handblown glass to give a piece style and character, and when buying a dab rig, it’s hard not to wonder how it was made. Though their mechanics are easily understandable, dab rigs certainly look like intricate pieces of equipment. Some have recyclers, some have percolators, others are covered in intricately designed decorative glasswork. Unlike with most pipes and bongs, the visual...
  • Glossary of Terms

    Glossary of Terms
    Use the glossary below to learn about smoking supplies and their associated terms.  american glass angle cut dome beaker can chamber puck chamber straight tube bent neck branded glass glow in the dark clear glass colored glass deep bowl dewar's joint dichroic glass diffused downstem direct inject dome splashguard donut splashguard fab egg glass opals slyme glass condenser coil heady glass hourglass chamber ice...