• Limitless Capabilities: The Kind Pen

    Limitless Capabilities: The Kind Pen
    With vape pens on an ever climbing rise of popularity, brands that were not involved in this booming market are trying to enter. Why trust these newcomers who are only after the newly tapped money stream when you can buy from one of the most trusted brand names in the industry? A fellow New Jersey based team, The Kind Pen specializes in handheld vaporizers...
  • Innovators of Vaping: Arizer

    Innovators of Vaping: Arizer
    There are many great debates: democrat vs republican, kobe vs lebron, and of course, whip vs bag. During the 2000’s rise of vaporizers, the method of inhalation was one of the defining features of early desktop vapes. Bag-style vaporizers have inner fans that pushed vapor into plastic bags that could be inhaled. Whip-style vaporizers have tubes connected to glass wands that are filled with...
  • Innovators of Vaping: 7th Floor

    Innovators of Vaping: 7th Floor
    7th floor proudly states their mission objective on their website: build the best vapes in the world. Perhaps this is why they chose to name their original vaporizer after Marvel Comics’ powerful cosmic hero, the Silver Surfer. For those of you who don’t know, the character of Silver Surfer was once a man who chose to become the servant of an interstellar god in...