• What is a Banger Nail?

    What is a Banger Nail?
    Nails are a crucial component of any dab rig. They’re the heated element of the whole contraption, the conduit through which action happens. Without them, the whole setup is just a regular old bong-in-waiting. What is a Dab Nail? In less dramatic and more practical terms, a dab nail is the part of the rig that is inserted into the water pipe and gets...
  • Dab Nail Buyer's Guide

    Dab Nail Buyer's Guide
    The dab nail is a small component of a dab rig, but can have the largest impact on your dabbing experience. The nail is where you place the concentrates for dabbing. Nails come in many forms; including domeless nails, halo nails, honey buckets and banger nails. Domeless nails, as the name suggests, come without a dome and take away the extra step of having...