• Glossary of the Different Types of Nails

    Glossary of the Different Types of Nails
    There’s a host of dab nail options available, and though they might all seem the same to a novice they each have their own pros and cons. There are improvements made in the dab nail game all the time, but once you become familiar with the basics you’ll notice that every new design is building on these, the classics. As e-nails proliferate and manual,...
  • High End Dabbing Equipment: LavaTech

    High End Dabbing Equipment: LavaTech
    When it comes to your dab setup, you should look for the best. With such intricacies involved, between the e-nail, dab nail, and carb cap, you need every part in your system functioning effectively and at a high level. And we haven’t even begun to consider the actual dab rig! It doesn’t matter how nice your rig is if the tools don’t work properly...
  • Dab Nail Buyer's Guide

    Dab Nail Buyer's Guide
    The dab nail is a small component of a dab rig, but can have the largest impact on your dabbing experience. The nail is where you place the concentrates for dabbing. Nails come in many forms; including domeless nails, halo nails, honey buckets and banger nails. Domeless nails, as the name suggests, come without a dome and take away the extra step of having...