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Magic Flight Launch Box: The Pocket-Sized Vape That Won't Empty Your Pockets

 3 min read

Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer

When first looking at the Magic Flight Launch Box, it’s fair to wonder what the hype is all about. After all, it looks like a small wooden box with some holes and glass in it. However, what this vape lacks in fancy add-ons it more than makes up for with style, durability, and functionality.

Magic Flight Launch Box and its Packaging

Simply put, this vaporizer gets the job done. Although it may not have the most mind-blowing aesthetic, the classic hardwood style makes for an interesting piece, especially with the selection of three different woods giving you options to choose from. Perhaps the biggest positive for the Magic Flight Launch Box is that it costs only $120; compared to most other high-end portable vapes, that price is a steal considering how well it works.

On top of its ability to efficiently vaporize, the Magic Flight Launch Box has a simple design with most of its parts being detachable, making it very hard to break. Should that happen, Magic Flight provides a full lifetime warranty on this vaporizer, allowing you to replace any broken parts whenever you need to.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how long a dry herb vape can last if it’s not functional. In that regard, the Magic Flight Launch Box can stand up to its more expensive competitors. Despite being very minimalistic in design, this vape draws much better than you would expect. The process for heating your dry herbs is unique as well.

Magic Flight Launch Box functionality


One of the most impressive things about the Magic Flight Launch Box is the way it vaporizes your blends. The vape comes with two rechargeable AA batteries along with a charger for them. In order to start the vaporization process, you must insert one of the batteries into the battery port and leave it in there for 5-10 seconds. The charge given off by the battery vaporizes your herbs, making this one of the most unique, effective vaporizers you can get.

An important note to make is that this vape works best when your herbs are grinded as finely as possible. By grinding them small it allows the vaporizer to function more efficiently, allowing for a strong, consistent draw.

Magic Flight Launch Box use


Some may struggle to get consistency in their draw when first purchasing this product, however. It is important to pull correctly, not too lightly or too hard, as the vape may not fill up the chamber with vapor all that well otherwise. And again, it is important to remember not to leave the battery in for more than 5-10 seconds to prevent overheating the Magic Flight Launch Box.

When done correctly (it shouldn’t take too long to get the hang of it), this vaporizer produces a consistent, potent draw. Especially considering how quick you can get from heating herbs to inhaling vapor, the Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the best values you can find when shopping for portable vapes.


For the on-the-go vape connoisseur, it’s tough to get much better than the Magic Flight Launch Box. The speed at which it vaporizes and the consistency of the pulls would make you think this vape would run you at least $200. Yet, for nearly half that price, you get a light, sustainable vaporizer that’s not only durable, but also fully protected under warranty. It’s no wonder that this is one of the most popular vapes on the market.