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How To Keep Your Bong From Breaking

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The scene is set. On the table is loose tobacco, a lighter and your 24” triple honeycomb perc beaker bong. All you need to do is light that bowl and your evening is made. But then suddenly a dog/boyfriend/mom/cop/alien appears and in your alarm, you knock over your mighty pipe and it ends the way many pipes end: in pieces. Breaking a bong is all too common for even the most careful smokers. The combination of glass and intoxication makes it hard to avoid. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to lessen the chance of bong breakage!

Preventative Measures

The best preventative measure for not breaking your bong is to buy brands that have a reputation for sturdiness. The gold standard for sturdy glass is borosilicate (the glass used in Pyrex containers), which most American glass producers like Grav Labs and AMG Glass use. You should also pay attention to the thickness of the bong you buy (which details in its descriptions). While glass material is more significant to the durability of a bong, thickness can also tell you how well a pipe can weather impact and heat. Cheap glass pipes, often referred to as “china glass”, tends to be made of soda-lime glass, which is used to make windows and bottles. Soda-lime deals with heat and pressure worse than borosilicate glass, which means it is more prone to breakage. If you’re someone that wants to bring your bong on your travels or outdoor adventures, silicone bongs like the Roll uh Bowl Silicone Bong and Strong Silicone’s Adventurer offer a great alternative to the classic glass bong (we talk more about those in Travel Bongs: The Best Way To Have A Trip).

Even if you get a sturdy bong, you have to be careful how you treat it. Let’s take a look at the most common causes of bong breakage:

Cause: Fell On The Floor

Solution: Make sure the bong always sits in the middle of a table. If your bong has an irregularly-shaped base, make sure to place it down slowly so you don’t knock it over. If you choose to put the bong on the floor, make sure it’s in a spot you DEFINITELY won’t be walking across (like the corner of a room). Try not to place the bong on a narrow elevated surface. If you have pets, make sure your bong stays as close to you as possible.

Cause: Friends Misuse The Bong

Solution: Educate your friends on your bong. Even if they know how to use bongs in general, they might have habits or misconceptions that can lead to disaster. Some bongs are heavier and thus need a stronger grip, some bongs have carb holes, some bongs don’t have ice-catchers, etc. For instance, some bongs have removable downstems which can cling to the bowl when taking it out. If the downstem is pulled out along with the bowl, it’s easy to then drop the downstem if it disconnects from the bowl.  Make sure that your friends understand how to use your bong and if they still seem unconfident, consider only using it in private.

Cause: Broke While In Storage

Solution: Make sure your bong is stored in a secure place. Leaving it on a dresser or nightstand is asking for trouble if you accidentally bump into it. Put the bong in a place where you know it will go undisturbed. Make sure that place is not susceptible to extreme cold: leftover water in bongs can expand when frozen and crack your bong, especially while you’re smoking out of them.

Cause: Broke While Traveling

Solution: As previously said, you really shouldn’t be travelling with a glass bong in the first place (unless you have a silicone bong). The outdoors aren’t glass friendly. If you must bring your bong with you, make sure to carry it in a bag with significant amounts of padding (bubble wrap, towels, packing peanuts, etc). Take off all removable pieces from your bong and wrap each one separately so they don’t bounce against each other. RYOT makes duffel bags suited for carrying bongs and other smoke tools. These bags have memory foam interiors that conform to your bong’s shape and ensure their safety. If you pick up a bag or case like these, it would be a good idea to always leave your bong inside while not in use.

Cause: Broke While Cleaning

Solution: Disassemble your bong before cleaning so you won’t have to worry about pieces falling off. When cleaning the main chambers of the bong, pour water inside and then clean it over a soft surface like a bed or carpet so you don’t have worry about dropping it. Make sure to have a firm grip while shaking and pouring out water. Make sure to immediately and completely dry off the exterior of the bong once you’re done cleaning. Clean every additional piece separately with a pipe brush or something similar covered in rubbing alcohol and salt. The abrasiveness of this solution should make it unnecessary to put a lot of pressure on each piece while cleaning. Completely and immediately dry off each piece before putting it back on the bong. And while this might sound obvious...DON’T PUT YOUR BONG IN THE DISHWASHER (unless it’s a Roll Uh Bowl).

Like a pet, having a bong is fun but requires responsibility. Consider your bong’s safety and you’ll be sure to have a lifelong friendship. If you’d like to make even more friends, head over to to see our collection of glass bong water pipes and dab rigs!