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Haze V3 Vaporizer: Taking Dual Use Vaping To The Next Level

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Haze V3 Vaporizer


Haze V3 Vaporizer Box

When it comes to portable vaporizers, it’s tough to find a better vape than the Haze V3. Made by Haze Tech, this portable vape is one of the industry standards for many reasons. At $250, this vape isn’t too expensive compared to other portable options, but it easily could be because of its quality and functionality.


What makes the Haze V3 one of the great portable vaporizers is the versatility it provides its users. It boasts a revolutionary dual heating chamber system, allowing it to be used as either a dry herb vaporizer, a concentrate vaporizer, or both at the same time. The Haze V3 by Haze Tech isn’t just a dual use vaporizer, but contains a dual bowl design that allows for interchangeable and simultaneous vaping of concentrates and herbs. That alone makes it one of the best options on the market, but the variety of settings for heating makes it even better. There are four different storage selections that change the way your materials are heated: the convection screen, the conduction screen, the dry herb can, and the concentrate can. The convection, conduction and dry herb options give you three different ways to heat your dry herbs while the concentrate can allows you to use the Haze V3 as a wax vaporizer, making it the right option for whatever you need.

Haze V3 Portable Vaporizer

Along with the many usage options, there are two different mouthpieces included with this vape. If you want a pure-tasting hit, the Haze V3’s glass mouthpiece is what you’re looking for. Meanwhile, the stainless steel mouthpiece provides a cool, smooth draw. The mouthpiece stores into the body of the vape, making it easy to use no matter which option you have attached.


Beyond its versatility, the Haze V3 functions as well as any portable vape you can get. It has four different temperature settings, heating up to each setting within 90 seconds. It’s a quick-to-use vape that can be optimized to whatever type of hit you’re looking for. When it comes to vapor quality, the Haze V3 is one of the top-line options no matter what settings are used.

On top of the great vapor quality, the Haze V3 comes standard with an excellent battery setup. It includes two external lithium-ion batteries that last roughly an hour each. This portable vaporizer also comes standard with a charging dock so you can make sure you always have your batteries ready to go for your Haze V3. Also included is an amazing 10-year warranty, something that most portable vapes can’t match.

Haze V3 Vaporizer Kit

The Haze V3 is one of the best, most versatile portable vaporizers on the market. Boasting options such as multiple temperature settings, different storage options that affect how you vaporize your materials, and the ability to work with both dry herbs and concentrates, the Haze V3 has soared to the top of its industry with quality and dependability. And at only $250, this portable vaporizer is a great option for the vape enthusiast looking to add to their collection.