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Glycerin Coils: What's So Cool About Them?

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Glycerin Coils: What's So Cool About Them?

One of the benefits of smoking from a bong is that they provide smoother hits than hand pipes and rolling papers. This is further helped by percolators and ice-catchers, which serve to make smoking even smoother. A device that combines the two is the Glycerin Coil (otherwise known as a condenser coil), a freezable glass piece that can be detached and re-attached to the rest of the bong. These coils are glass chambers filled with liquid glycerin and they have coils inside to allow smoke to pass through. They’re located on the neck of a bong above the chamber. Like an ice-catcher, these coils cool down your smoke. In addition, the twisting tube inside smoothes your smoke by reducing the debris and water you inhale.

Don’t let the word “glycerin” scare you; this isn’t the same stuff that TNT is made of. Glycerin (also known as glycerol) is a neutral, sweet-tasting, colorless, thick liquid which freezes to a gummy paste and has a high boiling point. Aside from glass, it’s also used in preserving fruits and making candy. Whereas ice will eventually melt into your bong and raise the water level, glycerin will stay frozen in your bong for hours. It also freezes quickly due to glycerin’s ability to draw in moisture.

Due to its scientific aesthetic and function, several major glass producers use the glycerin coil in their premium water pipes. Grav Labs, known for their signature Gravitron gravity bong and Helix Chambers, produce the STAX series of attachable glycerin coils. As the name implies, the coils are meant to be compatible with many of Grav’s STAX bongs, which have removable mouthpieces and chambers. One of the benefits of these designs is that it makes your bong easier to store and also allows you to replace broken pieces easily. The heady glass artists most associated with glycerin coils are the Illadelph crew, who are known for collaborating with artist JM Flow to make one-of-a-kind straight tube bongs. The team has also collaborated with Hitman Glass and SALT on heady glycerin coil pipes. Their finest work was their contribution to the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia episode “Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats”. Frank’s friend Duncan who ‘lives down by the bridge’ has a four foot printed Illadelph glycerin coil bong. This bong was made especially for the episode and was later purchased from the FX network by a wholesaler (who noticed that pipe appeared to have been “tested”). Besides Grav Labs and Illadelph, glass producers like Maverick Glass also make high quality glycerin coil bongs like this Mini Beaker.

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