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Difference Between Scientific and Heady Glass

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Difference Between Scientific and Heady Glass


Two types of glass pieces that are extremely different in style and production are scientific glass pipes and heady glass pieces. Here we will detail some differences and descriptions of each type of glass piece:


Scientific Glass

Scientific glass is a specific type of borosilicate glass piece that has a unique design and specifications. The glass used to make it is strong and thick, leading to many obvious benefits. It is more durable, has a higher softening point for greater heat resistance, and stress fractures are extremely rare. Some characteristics of scientific glass include:


  • Using Water

  • Complex percolators

  • Clear glass (occassionally glass with minor color accents)

  • Overall designs that resemble scientific equipment (glass beaker bases, straight tubes, etc.)

  • Glass pieces with a “laboratory” design

  • A clean experience (not just looks but also because of intense filtration and cooling of the smoke)

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Heady Glass

Heady glass is a very artistic form of glass made by experienced artists using complex methods for designing unique and intricate glass pipes. The colors and physical designs immediately stand out, and the visuals are notable and unmistakably strong. Heady glass is hard to confuse with other types of glass because of its unique appearance. Heady glass is so unique and made in such limited quantities, that owning a heady glass piece ensures that you are the owner of a one-of-a-kind piece of functional glass art. Some characteristics of heady glass include:

  • High end glass

  • Intense color schemes and visual effects

  • Not usually mass produced (made in very limited quantities)

  • Advanced glassblowing techniques:

    • Sandblasting, fuming, millies, accents, sculpting, reversals, wig wags, honeycomb, worked sections, rettis, and many more
  • Unique and individualized
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