Why Use a Vaporizer?

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Why Use a Vaporizer?


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Vaporizers are standing out from the many different forms of smoking and endless number of smoking devices because of the benefits they provide to your personal health.


When using traditional smoking methods such as rolling papers, water pipes and bubblers, there can be some negative side effects to your respiratory system via the inhalation of smoke.  This is due to the high temperature of smoke upon combustion that comes in direct contact with the throat, lungs and more.


Vaporizers do not create the same health risks, and are considered to be a positive alternative to traditional methods of smoking.  Vaporizing does just what it sounds like; creates vapor for inhalation rather than smoke due to combustion. This happens through a process that uses convection technology. There is never any material being directly burned upon use with a vaporizer. This leaves the vapor a lower temperature when entering the lungs, and also leaves out any other chemicals that form/react upon combustion.


Always keep in mind that when using a vaporizer indoors, there is no strong odor left inside, and no lingering smoke. This is great for someone who doesn’t like to go outside every time they smoke. Vape use also helps to save money, due to the small amount of material needed to use a vaporizer and the longevity of each pack.


Vaporizers can be used for dry tobacco or for wet oils and concentrates. There are different vaporizers depending on your smoking preference. Refer to our How to Choose the Right Vaporizer article to learn more.


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