10 Helpful Smoking Accessories

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10 Helpful Smoking Accessories


DankStop aims to make your smoking experience of the highest quality while remaining simple and convenient to you. Here is a list of 10 smoking accessories we sell that we highly recommend for their functionality and benefits:


1. Hemp Wick

 Hemp string designed for lighting glass hand pipes, tobacco bongs, or bubblers. Eliminates the inhalation of butane and other harmful gases.

Humboldt Hemp Wick 5 Ft


2. Hemplight Hemp Wick Dispenser

 Lighter holder designed for use with large BIC lighters.  This case holds a built in spool of hemp wick so you can have a healthy smoking experience wherever you go.

Hemplights Hemp Wick Dispenser



3. DeBowler

 Circular ashtray built with a vertical spike in the center.  This one-of-a-kind tray allows you to empty a glass pipe or bowl of a water pipe with ease, while leaving no mess to clean up after.

Debowler Spike Ashtray


4. Ashcatchers

Glass ashcatchers are used with water pipes and bubblers to stop ash from entering into your smoking device.  Ashcatchers are often water-filtered add-ons which leave your water pipe clean and shiny even after use.  

Ashcatcher with matrix perc


5. Grinder

 Used for grinding up your coarse tobacco products. These helpful tools cut smoking preparation time down significantly.

Santa Cruz Shredder Medium Four Piece Grinder


6. Smoke Buddy Jr.

 This hand held air purifier is the perfect utensil for smoking inside without releasing any smelly tobacco smoke.  Just exhale through your Smoke Buddy Jr., and the built-in carbon filter will do all of the work for you!

Smoke Buddy Jr.


7. Silicone Concentrate Jar

 These nifty little jars are great for anyone that smokes concentrates or sticky materials out of a dab rig. Being composed of silicone allows for a non-stick surface.  

Silicone Concentrate Jars


8. Titanium or Quartz Nail

These nails are great for all concentrate pipes and dab rigs. Most glass rigs come equipped with glass nails instead of titanium or quartz, but with an upgrade to either of these nails, you can enjoy a more convenient and safer smoking experience.

Titanium Nail
Quartz Nail


9. Newport Torch

 These powerful and affordable butane torches are perfect for preparing your nail for your concentrates or oils.

Newport Torch


10. Dabber/Dab Tool

 Handy dab utensils allow the user to drop their concentrate on a hot nail without burning themselves or making a mess.

Empire Glassworks Dabber Set


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