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What Are the Different Types of Percs?

 3 min read


There are numerous different percolator styles and designs for water pipes. Here we'll show you some of the most common types of water pipe percs and briefly explain how each one works to filter and diffuse your smoke for a more enjoyable experience. 


1. Straight Perc (Diffused Downstem)

  • This is the most simple design for a percolator. The straight tube has slits at its base under the water which allows the smoke to cool down as it travels through it.


2. Tree Perc

  • Tree percolators have somewhere between 3 and 13 arms, each with multiple slits. The tree perc is connected to the bottom of a water pipe by a stem. Smoke from the bong travels up the stem and filters through the slits of the perc’s arms. More arms means more slits, giving a tree perc with a large quantity of arms an abundance of filtration.



3. Turbine Disc Perc

  • Turbine disc percs are a type of diffusion system consisting of a solid disc of angled slits placed inside the water chamber. The angled slits create a spinning effect which both cools and diffuses the smoke while creating a unique visual effect. 


4. Crystal Ball Perc

  • Crystal ball percs are sphere-shaped percs with angled slits intertwining across it. Its shape and the intertwining slits make the perc appear like a crystal ball.


5. Dome Perc

  • Dome percolators are called this because of their shape. They have slits and holes where the dome touches the bottom. Diffusion happens when the smoke passes through the dome, and separates when going through the holes.


6. Barrel Perc 

  • Barrel percolators are a specific type of dome perc. They have more slits than a traditional dome perc, while the inner chamber isn't as large which creates less drag.


7. Showerhead Perc

  • Showerhead percolators have a thin vertical tube that widens into a round chamber. They have slits or holes for increased filtration and diffusion. Their name comes from their resemblance to a showerhead.


8. Honeycomb Perc

  • Honeycomb percs are a type of disc perc, but they have more diffusion because they generally have at least 30 small holes through which the smoke must pass. These percs rest above the water, parallel to the surface. As air is drawn into the chamber and bubbles are created in the water, the bubbles are forced to contact the Honeycomb Perc and pass through the holes. This reduces the size of the bubble, providing a large amount of diffusion with a low amount of drag.


9. Ratchet Perc

  • Ratchet percs are a type of disc perc with holes lining the perimeter of the disc to increase filtration and the flow of smoke.


10. Waffle Perc

  • Waffle percs are similar to disc percs except they have holes rather than slits. Their appearance is similar to that of a waffle fry.


11. Matrix Perc

  • Matrix percs are a cylindrical chamber with vertical and horizontal slits.


12. Stereo Matrix Perc

  • Stereo matrix percs consist of two smaller matrix percolators stacked on top of each other.



    13. UFO Perc 

    • UFO percs feature a series of slits around the circumference of the glass circle. Like a tree perc, smoke travels through the stem into the dome and then down through several slits to create serious diffusion and filtration. UFO percs are often sought after because of their efficiency and ease of cleaning.


    14. Swiss Perc

    • Swiss percs are a vertical diffusion system with holes on a large disc. The name derives from the percolators resemblance to swiss cheese.


    15. Inline Perc 

    • Inline percs are horizontal and have an arm that extends outward from the water pipe. The slits on the arm produce bubbles that look like a sound wave pattern. The glass artist 'Hops' is credited, along with 'Toro', for origination of terminology and design.


    16. Stemline Perc 

    • Stemline percs are a type of inline percolator that branches straight off of the joint. The perc is generally a barrel perc, but in certain instances it can be comprise of a different style of percolator.


    17. Donut Perc

    • Donut percs are a circular perc that has a hole in the middle to provide extra filtering of the smoke and also stops water from splashing up towards the mouthpiece. This type of percolator gets its name because it’s shaped just like a donut.


    18. Cross Perc

    • Cross percs are one of the latest inventions from one of the leading percolator innovators out there, JM Flow. This percolator has an intricate design with a circular center with multiple circle pieces branching out from it. Each of these circles has slits in the form of a cross that leads to the most smoke filtration and a smoother hit for the smoker.