GIVEAWAY | 18mm Clear Skull Bowl


Let's face it. Your bowl has seen better days. Don't get your wallet out just yet because you can win the 18mm Clear Skull Bowl in Dankstop's giveaway sweepstakes! 

In the Medieval Era, people used to drink wine out of their enemies' skulls. Thankfully, we've moved on to just smoking out of them. Case in point is DankStop's skull-shaped replacement bowl. Not only does this bowl stand-in for your old 14/18mm male joint bowl, but it also has massive room to pack even more tobacco and dry herbs. It's also made of thick clear glass so you can always see what's on the mind of your new smoke buddy. 

The list of features in this bowl includes: 

• 18mm Male Joint
•  Thick Clear Glass
• Skull Design
• Deep Bowl

18mm Skull Bowl

This flash giveaway sweepstake will run from 2/22 to 2/23. Only one will take the prize! Make sure to enter in as many ways as possible to increase your chances of winning this awesome bowl.

Didn't get lucky this time? Don't worry. Dankstop has other replacement bowls you may want like:

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