13 Helpful Smoking Accessories


13 Helpful Smoking Accessories






hemp wickHemp string is designed for lighting glass hand pipes, tobacco bongs, or bubblers. The wick eliminates the inhalation of butane and other harmful gases while giving a much smoother taste. Hemp wick is very affordable and comes in varying length depending on the product. Some smaller hemp wick rolls measure in around 5 feet, while some of the larger hemp wick rolls can be as long as 250 feet. A premium hemp wick manufacturer like Humboldt Hemp will use 100% organic hemp, to alleviate any concerns about the purity of the product. For more info on hemp wick, check out our article Hemp Wick: The Accessory You Didn't Know You Needed. For more info on hemp, check out Hemp: What Is It Used For?

hempwick dispenser
A great investment for any smoker, hemp wick dispensers can do many things to improve your smoking experience. Hemp wick dispensers have two attractive attributes; a lighter holder that can also distribute your hemp wick. The Hemplight Spooly cases can hold a built in spool of hemp wick so you can have a healthy smoking experience wherever you go. Some, like the Hemplights Wrapper, keeps your wick around the base so you always know how much wick you have left. The Spooly cases fit mini lighters while the Wrapper is meant for standard size lighters. Others, like the Toker Poker, comes with a stainless steel poker for cleaning and a stainless steel tamper for packing.

debowlerThe Debowler is either a plastic or glass circular ashtray built with a vertical spike in the center.  This one-of-a-kind tray allows you to empty a glass pipe or bowl of a water pipe with ease, while leaving no mess to clean up after. Simply use the spike to dig and your leftover material will fall into the ashtray. Most Debowlers come in various colors ranging from typical shades like black or green, to more elusive colors like transparent orange and turquoise. Besides the obvious difference in the material used to construct it, a plastic Debowler differs from a glass Debowler in that the plastic version has a fixed spike whereas the glass model has a removable spike. The removable spike in a glass Debowler helps for clearing out an extremely clogged bowl by providing extra maneuverability to get the hard-to-reach areas of a bowl.


Glass ashcatchers are used with bongs and bubblers to stop ash from entering your smoking device. Ashcatchers are water-filtered add-ons which leave your water pipe clean and shiny even after use. They come in many styles with their own percs, including honeycomb percs and matrix percs, to cleanse your smoke further for a more smooth hit. Ashcatchers come in all different joint sizes and angles so it can fit any water pipe. With their ability to stop debris from entering your bong, ashcatchers ensure that you will have to clean your bong far less frequently. Since ashcatchers contain water and percs, think of this smoking accessory as a way to add an extra customized chamber to your pipe containing your favorite perc.

grindersGrinders do exactly what their name implies; grinding up your coarse dry herbs and tobacco products. These helpful tools cut smoking preparation time down significantly. Herb grinders come in many sizes and colors. They can come in anywhere from two pieces to four pieces, with the latter producing finer material with less unwanted substances. Teeth inside of the grinder finely dice your materials and screens keep any impurities out. In most grinders, the bottom chamber holds your end product which is now ready for smoking. A four piece grinder’s bottom chamber gathers what the screen has filtered out of your dry herbs. Although this smoking accessory is very easy to use, there are electric grinders as well to further speed up the process. If you’re in the market for a new grinder, reference our article on how to choose the perfect herb grinder.

smoke buddyThis handheld air purifier is the perfect utensil for smoking inside without releasing any smelly tobacco smoke. Remove the front and rear caps and simply exhale through your Smokebuddy and the built-in carbon filter will do all of the work for you. Smokebuddies come in three sizes; the junior, the original, and the mega. They are also available in multiple colors, including the popular glow in the dark version.  

stash jarsStash Jars come in many styles and, more importantly, shapes. There are ones that are small enough to fit on a keychain and others that can fit a great deal of material. With threaded and rubber seals, these jars help eliminate odor from escaping and make sure your materials don’t escape. Stash jars also have the benefit of keeping your dry herbs and tobacco more fresh than if they were plainly sitting out.

pipe screensScreens help keep both your pipe and your mouth free of ash. Mesh pipe screens stop the ash after it is lit so it does not reach the bottom of the pipe. This disables the chance of any ash making its way into the mouthpiece while you are inhaling. The screens are usually inexpensive and come in multiple packs. Just throw one out when it gets clogged and put in a new one. If you want something a little more permanent, there are ceramic screens and glass screens as well.

rolling traysA flat sturdy area to roll and place your other products on is important to any smoker. You don’t want to spend all your time rolling something or packing a chillum and have it roll onto the ground. Rolling trays come in many designs and textures. There are clear glass ones and aluminum ones that feature intricate art. With a raised border, you won’t have to worry about anything slipping off the edge.

rolling papersRolling papers are a very necessary item if you do not have a pipe or vaporizer to smoke out of. Rolling your dry herbs and tobacco also gives it a separate taste. There are many sizes, colors, and ingredients to choose from when it comes to rolling papers. Most are fully organic and you can further your health consciousness by picking up unbleached rolling papers or organic hemp smoking papers.

filter tipsAn accessory used with rolling papers, filter tips keep your dry herbs or tobacco from going into your mouth while inhaling. A filter tip also helps when you get to the end of the rolling paper so you do not burn yourself while holding it. Additionally, filter tips guarantee you won’t waste any materials since they leave room between your fingers and the lit end of your rolled cigarette. Most filter tips are paper strips that you place in your cigarette (like Raw's filter tips), but there are also glass and wood filter tips made by major companies like RooR's Phuncky Feel Tips and Purr Glass' Mini Hitters.

the medtainerEarlier we talked about how stash jars and herb grinders are both important for your overall smoking experience. The Medtainer includes both of these. The Medtainer is both water and smell proof. Since the container is airtight, your materials will be safe while enclosed. A grinder is located at the bottom of the container and features many teeth. This container is made from medical grade FDA approved plastic and its use has expanded beyond dry herbs and tobacco. The Medtainer can be used to store coffee, tea, culinary ingredients, veterinary pharmaceuticals, and many other items.

pipe casesA padded case can make a major difference in the life expectancy of your glass pipe. With a padded inside, your glass pipe will be much safer in a pipe case from sitting on your living room table or on your computer desk. Pipe cases come in various sizes and colors.

You can never be too prepared when it comes to smoking, making having a varied collection of accessories a great idea. All of these smoking accessories can improve your smoking experience immensely. Check out our very large selection of all different smoking accessories!

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