How to Choose the Right Vaporizer Pen

Choosing the Right Vape Pen: Dry or Wet?




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Atmos R2 Wet Vaporizer



Vaporizer pens are one of the biggest recent additions to the smoking community. These vape pens retain all of the great qualities of traditional vaporizers while coming in a sleek and compact design.  However, what many people don't realize is that there is a big difference between vaporizers designed for dry herbs and vaporizers for concentrates.


Vaporizer pens designed for dry material are extremely similar to that of traditional large stationary vaporizers.  There is a screened section to place your tobacco, and a cap that covers the opening.  The process is an example of convection technology. Air that is hot enough to vaporize the material without causing combustion runs through your tobacco, creating a cool and smokeless vapor for inhalation. Many of these products come with variable temperature options for the user to choose their favorite preferences.


Vape pens designed for concentrated and wet materials are constructed differently from dry pens.  These vaporizers have a compartment to hold your material, but unlike dry pens, your concentrate comes in direct contact with a heating coil.  As this coil heats up, your concentrate burns and transforms into vapor, leaving little to no residue.


When choosing your next vaporizer pen, make sure to purchase a quality product designed for your intended use. View our entire selection of vaporizers